Transform your backyard.

Click. Prepare. Swim. Yep, that’s about as hard as it gets. At The Little Pool Co. we’re big on making
life simple. Which is why we’ve made it easier than ever before to own a great looking pool without breaking the bank.

With the help of one of Australia’s leading pool manufacturers, and the brains of one of the industry’s most respected engineers, we’ve managed to create the ultimate transportable instant fiberglass pool.

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A pool for smaller backyards.

The unique non-corrosive composite exoskeleton means that unlike many other fiberglass pools, The  Little Pool Co. series can be installed fully above ground. Perfect for smaller sites with limited excavation options.

Gone are the days where getting a swimming pool means having a major construction project in your own back yard. The Little Pool Co. makes it simple. Pick your favorite pool shape, choose your preferred color, select your ideal exterior color, then sit back and get ready to swim.

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It’s never been easier to turn your backyard into a personal oasis.

When your pool arrives you barely need to lift a finger. All you need is a level concrete pad and a certified electrical connection, then simply fill your pool with water and jump in. Fencing requirements vary according to local codes. Check local building codes for regulations in your area.


Features of our above ground fibreglass

Ceramic Core technology

A super-tough pool that you know you can rely on
Our developed Ceramic Core technology blends vinyl ester resin with ceramic microspheres and has resulted in a breakthrough light-weight composite core that significantly enhances the structure and performance of The Little Po Co. pools.

Ceramic microspheres have some truly astonishing properties:

  • They are so tough they can withstand 10,000 psi of pressure with no noticeable effect
  • They are resistant to chemical breakdown – they won’t dissolve or change after exposure to water or other chemicals in your pool
  • They will not absorb water in any form, which can be a leading cause of osmosis in pools.

Our patented Ceramic Core technology dramatically improves the pool’s structural integrity and is the reason The Little Pool Co. can offer all customers the confidence of a solution that will suit their specific site conditions.

Ceramic core strong freestanding fiberglass pools

Choose your pool model.

Standard package includes a pump, filter, LED light, skimmer box, basic pool
maintenance kit and coping surrounding pool.



Little Pools Small Fibreglass Above Ground Pools Relax





Bi-luminite™ Color System Technology

The way your pool looks will affect your enjoyment just as much as the way it functions.  Our exclusive Bi-luminite™ layering process creates a 3D effect which enhances your pool water color to achieve a brilliantly luminous three-dimensional lustre. Not only does the unique Bi-luminite coloring process enhance the appearance of your pool but it actually works to keep it looking like new for longer.

Choose from four popular Bi-Luminite™ water colors.

Bi Luminite Colours Sapphire
Bi Luminite Colours Evolution 1
Bi Luminite Colours Pacific 1
Bi Luminite Colours Quartz

Choose your exterior finish.

The Pool Co Nude Pool without cladding


Choose to have no exterior cladding on 1, 2, 3, or all sides – perfect if you are decking around your pool.

The Little Pool Co External finish for the pool James Hardie cladding


ACP panels offer a sleek and modern finish. The clean, smooth surface creates a minimalist finish that allows your pool to blend into any poolscape. Available in 10 different colors.


Little Pools Dark bronze color
Little Pools Fine Silver Color

Customize your pool.

Put the final touches on your pool to make it perfect for you. Choose from a range of optional upgrades including external steps, heating, lighting, and water management systems.

Pool Accessories_External steps to access the pool


Before you order your pool it pays to consider your landscaping and site access. How will you access your pool each day? Will you be placing your pool level with existing or new decking? If your pool is going to be a stand-alone feature in your back yard, you may wish to add limited access steps or a stainless steel ladder.

Pool Accessories_Lights Jets Mineral water and more


Want to personalize your pool? There’s a whole bunch of upgrades available including multi-colored LED lights, swim-jets for exercise, heating options and energy efficient pumps.

The Little Pool Co Customisations Pool sanitation systems

Sanitation Systems

Even though you can manually dose your pool water with granular chlorine or liquid chlorine, there are some great automatic sanitation systems available, including salt, mineral, or hypoallergenic options.

Become a reseller of Little Pools

Expand your product or service offering and grow profits with The Little Pool Co.

Become a The Little Pool Co. dealer.
You do not need to be a professional pool builder to offer a great looking option to your clients. Our patented structural support system is made using composite technology which makes our pools ultralight and easy to maneuver into difficult sites.

If you are interested in offering The Little Pool Co. range to your customers, then we would love the opportunity to talk more with you. We are currently looking for dealers to join our existing network across the US. Click here to request a re-seller info pack today.

The Pool Co Engineering Drawings

for your pool delivery.

Certification and Fencing

All local municipalities have different rules regarding building projects and pool fencing. It is important that you check with your local code about your requirements. Your Little Pool comes complete with extensive engineering drawings to assist when dealing with municipalities. Some regions require independent fencing for above-ground pools.


Our standard range of Little Pool Co. pools have been designed to fit perfectly on standard-width trucks, which makes them simple and cost-effective to transport. Due to each customer living in a different location, we do not offer freight-inclusive pricing. We are happy to organize freight (at your cost) or you can choose to self-manage this process.

Ground Preparation

Each Little Pool Co pool is designed to sit on a basic, level concrete slab. This ensures that the weight of the pool and the exoskeleton are evenly supported, which is an installation requirement. The concrete slab should be a minimum of 6 inches thick and reinforced with rebar reinforcement mesh. Control joints are not required for our standard range and there should be no slope on the slab.

Electrical Requirements

You will need to hire a licensed electrical contractor for connection of your pool. Your electrical contractor will know the local building codes.

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