Fiberglass Pools from The Little Pool Co

Our fiberglass pools are a great option for people looking to purchase a quality pool that can be installed partially or completely above the ground or as an inground pool. Little Pools offer a modern, lightweight, fantastic looking and durable alternative to the vinyl liner, shipping container or precast concrete pools. If you want a pool that is easy to order, deliver and own, look no further. Get to know the fiberglass pools from The Little Pool Co.

Our Fiberglass Plunge Pools

It is easy to install one of our Plunge Pools – prepare the slab, connect to electricity and fill with water. You can even easily add decking to one or more of its sides.
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Our Fiberglass Relax Pools

Our self supported fiberglass pools from the Relax Range can be a great addition to any yard. The largest model (Relax 6.3) comes with an embedded beach area.
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Little Pools Relax Above Ground Pool Range

Amazing Looking Fiberglass Pools

Free standing pools by Little Pools have been designed by a leading Australian fiberglass pool manufacturer. Our fiberglass pools are produced in Australia and assembled in the U.S. Our self standing pools are made of unique non-corrosive composite exoskeleton means that unlike many other fiberglass pools, they can be installed fully above ground or partially in the ground. Little Pools are lightweight, making their installation much easier.

Choose Your Little Pool Color

Fiberglass pools from Little Pools come in four popular pool shell colors. Choose your favorite color for your new freestanding pool below.
Bi Luminite Colours Sapphire
Bi Luminite Colours Evolution 1
Bi Luminite Colours Pacific 1
Bi Luminite Colours Quartz

Customize Your Pool

Put the final touches on your self standing fiberglass pool from The Little Pool Co. and make it perfect for you. Choose from a range of optional upgrades below. Talk to us if you have any questions.
Little Pool Customizations Variable Speed Pumps


Save power with an energy efficient variable speed pump which allows you to draw only the amount of power you need at any given time.
Little Pool Customizations Multi Colored LED Lights


Bring your pool to life with changeable multi-colored LED lights which will make night-time swims and pool parties much more fun and add a bright, impressive tone to your outdoor space.
Little Pool Customizations Automatic Sanitation Systems


Choose from a variety of sanitation systems including salt, mineral, or hypoallergenic. Wi-Fi, automation and smartphone control is possible with our Technology Package, to control and regulate your pool from remotely!
Little Pool Customizations Heating Options


Swim all year round, extend your swimming season or just make your current swimming season that much more comfortable by adding an optional heat pump.
Little Pool Customizations Deck and External Step Integration


Will you be placing your pool level with an existing deck, new deck or having it as a stand alone feature? Whichever way, the exoskeleton allows you to attach directly to the pool, with external steps, whaling plates or balustrade.
Little Pool Customizations Therapy and Exercise


Select from packages and options to customize your pool to suit your needs. Spa jets, Deck Jets, Therapy Jets, and Pool exercise equipment can be installed to create more opportunities to use your pool!

Why Choose Our Self Supported Fiberglass Pools

Below are just three out of many reasons why you should choose a self supported pool from Little Pools to transform your backyard.
Little Pool Look and Feel

The Look and Feel

You can customize your Little Pool in many aspects. There are various cladding materials available and the fiberglass interior is simply delightful. The pool shell is very strong, it’s resistant to algae building on the walls, you will not need to replace or reline your pool surface. And our pool colors are just stunning.
Little Pool at your site

Little Pool at Your Site

There is minimal site preparation involved in installing your Little Pool. They are also very stable and you won’t be surprised by a sudden movement of your pool. The pool won’t lift as the result of a hydrostatic event nor it will sink as some precast concrete pools might in some circumstances due to them being much heavier.
The Cost Factor of Little Pools

The Cost Factor

Last but not least – the price. Although the price points for our pools and some precast concrete alternatives might seem quite similar, there can be a big difference when it comes to putting the pool into your backyard. Because Little Pools are much lighter, you can save thousands on craning the pool into the position. Another big advantage of Little Pools is that if you are planning to put a deck around your Little Pool, your tradesmen can attach the deck construction directly to the pool, leading to a better result and lower cost.

Popularity of Freestanding Fiberglass Pools in the U.S.

The growing availability of premium options, like our freestanding fiberglass pools or precast concrete pools, is fueling the rising appeal of freestanding pools.

Flexible Installation Options

Quality self-supported can be installed inground, partially inground or above the ground, which not only makes their installation easier but also less costly.

Market Share of Fiberglass Pools

The market share of fiberglass pools has been steadily growing in the U.S. Yet, fiberglass pool have only 18% share on the U.S. market, whereas it's 60% in Australia (Aqua Magazine).

Freestanding Pool Options

Fiberglass self supported pools are a popular alternative to other pool options such as vinyl liner, shipping container, precast concrete or steel freestanding pools.

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